WealthWorx Client Comments

Survey Results

Our survey results show that 100% of participants believe the Knowledgeworx Introduction to Property Investing – Basics Plus Course is value for money! The majority of participants suggest the course ‘exceeded their expectations’. And finally, 100% of participants say that the presenters are, ‘excellent with strong subject matter expertise’.

Another Satisfied Participant Said…

“I really appreciated that it wasn’t a hard sell and I genuinely believed that it was designed to educate people, with the option to go further if you wanted to. Very much a sense of empowerment.”

In Respect to our Workshop Format…

“I really enjoyed how the two presenters interacted throughout the day, it broke up the day nicely, There was an unbelievable amount of information and perhaps too much to take in, in one day, however being in booklet format you are able to take home the information and absorb in your own time.”