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Inflation globalises, Australian inflation falls

ANZ Senior Economist, Joanne Masters, writes, “An increasingly integrated world is delivering increasing uniformity in inflation across geographies. In part this reflects the commodity price cycle (notably oil) but there is evidence domestic inflation pressures... read more

Tassie on the move

For the island state, things seem to be on the move! Certainly in the capital there appears to be a sense of optimism and growing confidence, perhaps borne in part by a skyline adorned with crane activity aplenty against a backdrop of summer sunshine? Nonetheless,... read more

Tax concessions and tax reform in Australia

Negative gearing is a hot topic at the moment, highlighted by the perceived property bubbles developing in certain markets segments. AMP’s Chief Economist, Dr Shane Oliver, provides another strong account of the dynamics at play within this polarising area of... read more

Negative gearing; to be or not to be

Core Logic’s, Cameron Kusher, takes a bigger picture view of the negative gearing debate and also sheds some light on the impact of capital gains tax concessions. Read his full article... read more

The RBA’s tricky trade off: HSBC’s Paul Bloxham

HSBC’s Chief Economist (Australia & New Zealand) Paul Bloxham has written an interesting  article for The Property Observer that looks at the impact of APRA’s recent regulatory initiative in respect to lending practices in the investment space. Whilst... read more

State of the Market Report; Autumn 2015

The Domain Group’s Chief Economist, Dr Andrew Wilson, writes, “Australia’s capital city housing markets have generally commenced 2015 on the front foot despite ongoing under-performance from most local economies.” Read his full State of the Nation... read more

Sales stats; was there pain or gain?

The Pain & Gain report, put together by leading property research company, Core Logic, is a quarterly compilation of realised gross profit and loss data based on dwelling resales through the last quarter of 2014. It provides some interesting reading to what is... read more

Is the worm starting to turn?

NAB’s Monthly Business Survey for March suggests a turning tide is in existence, albeit with some degree of optimism/pessimism, dependent on which side your bread is buttered! Read the full report... read more

Australian Housing Market Update

Tim Lawless of Core Logic provides a snapshot overview of the Australian property market. He explains how home values across the combined capital cities increased by 1.4 per cent in March 2015, driven by an exceptionally strong Sydney result where dwelling values were... read more

Australian home prices and interest rates

AMP’s Chief Economist, Dr Shane Oliver, writes, “over the very long term residential property adjusted for costs has provided a similar return for investors as Australian shares. Since the 1920s housing has returned 11.1% pa compared to 11.5% pa from... read more

Investing for retirement: 6 things to consider

Many people aged between 50 and 65 are uncertain about being able to cover living expenses in retirement. Some will choose to extend their work years while others may need to accept lower than desired living standards in retirement. The earlier that people focus on... read more

Australia: expect further rate cuts and a lower dollar

AMP’s Chief Economist, Dr Shane Oliver, writes, “As interest rate cuts continue to feed through the economy, it would help if there was a bit more confidence coming out of Canberra. The constant political uncertainty may be weighing down, particularly on... read more

Confidence; we can’t buy it you know!

ANZ Chief Economist, Warren Hogan, writes, “The strength in retail sales over January-February is surprising in light of continuing lacklustre consumer confidence. One key driver of the softness in consumer confidence has been weak job security. On this note, the... read more

Stat’s, stat’s & more stat’s!

For those inclined, Core Logic (formerly RP Data) provides us with their latest Housing & Economic Update here. With an opening heading of “Residential real estate underpins Australia’s wealth”, it is compelling reading for property focussed... read more

China crisis; or not

In writing for ANZ Blue Notes, contributing author, Jason Murphy, articulated a worthwhile piece in respect to China and its impact on the world economy, let alone Australia. It’s a brief but compelling read for investors navigating a future path and... read more

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! read more

An insightful property market overview by Dr Andrew Wilson

The Domain Group’s Senior Economist, Dr Andrew Wilson, delivers an insightful and detailed overview of the Australian property sector. In particular he provides his opinion as to where our capital cities are in the ever evolving and much maligned property cycle.... read more

Some suggest the G20 is stuck in the 20th century

Mark Triffit, Lecturer in Public Policy at the University of Melbourne takes an interesting and pragmatic look at the quandary facing world leaders at the G20, if in fact they actually realise it! It’s reasonable to suggest that the path forward requires a... read more

TV Show ‘The Block’ Mirrors Life

For those keen on the thought of renovating for profit, ‘The Block’ reality TV show provides a reality check as to the potential pitfalls. There where winners and losers in what always is a zero sum game. In a post to the Property Observer, Miriam... read more

Tasmania; a sleeping thylacine perhaps?

It’s not a new news story that China continues to fuel demand for Australian products and services, but it was interesting to read that the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) has set some ambitious goals that include Tasmania. Speaking to the NAB, you can... read more

Australia's competitive advantages; are there any?

Australia’s global competitiveness appears to be waning in areas such as labour market efficiency and government regulation. In a briefing document tabled by the Australian Industry Group following review of the recent World Economic Forum Global Assessment... read more

Quarterly Australian Residential Property Survey: Q2 2014

The NAB’s latest quarterly housing report suggests the market is catching its breath somewhat following a period of strong activity. Now more than ever requires a ‘steady hand at the wheel’ as we navigate through the process of uncovering prospective... read more

Housing bubble; not according to the Commonwealth Bank!

The recent Commonwealth Bank results presentation contains some compelling reading for a number of reasons, but none more so than their thoughts as to whether the Australian property market is sitting in dangerous territory, or experiencing what is known as a... read more

The rental market in review by John McGrath

Take with a grain of salt, if you will, the use of the term ‘hot spot’, but real estate agent John McGrath brings together some interesting commentary on the market as he sees it. Read what he has to say... read more

To buy in your SMSF or not

  Sinclair Taylor, Westpac’s Head of Self Managed Super Funds, discusses the issue of a business owners considering the purchase of property within their SMSF; even property they already own! Read what he has to say... read more

Macquarie Bank Economic Update – July 2014

Richard Gibbs, Head of Economics – Macquarie Research, discusses the continued economic recovery and unswerving commitment of the major central banks to maintaining favourable global financial conditions. Macquarie’s latest update for you to ponder is... read more